How to Succeed in Grad School…


Be prepared!: Have your resume ready at all times and get it out there to everyone. Learn to adapt quickly. It’s OK to say no to activities and commitments, but say yes. Don’t get stuck in a job you don’t want to do.

-About insecurities…: They are there. Find a friend/ritual to cope. Keep a “good file” of stuff to remind yourself about how much you rock.

-Be modest and appreciative: Thank your advisors for great things they do.

-Don’t take things personally: When you do, ask yourself 7 other reasons why this might be happening

-Be organized!: Schedule fun time and work time, so you don’t procrastinate all your time away. Know your work type and your time of high activity and go with it. Morning people, work early morning! Night owls, get it done at night!

-When your stuck, WRITE!: Next time your stuck on work, on  a paper; write anything and by the time you get it all out, you’ll be ready to take on your work.

-Find a “no” buddy: Someone you can go to before you commit to a new activity and ask if this is worth your time and if you should reconsider your schedule if you want to take this on.

Guiding principles
-Be good! Make a difference!
-Take care of yourself
-Remember family, your family and making your own…
-Stay connected: Remember you’re a whole person
-Find balance! Get some sleep 🙂