Possible approach to Chameleon Suit (1)


We were thinking that the Chameleon suit would consist of a reflective body suit and we’d project the outfit the user wanted on the suit. This would reduce the need for much hardware. All we would need to accommodate, really, would be a projector. However, through some research, we found it might be more difficult than we thought.

That there had been an attempt at this already called the “camouflage suit.” As you can see below, the camouflage suit projects onto something from a distance, like most projector set ups in a conference room. And this does not afford movement nor the impression of an outfit, it just appears like an object with an image projected on it.

Later, we found a paper that tried to solve the affordance of unified movement for the projected image and the subject pf the projection. This also required a projector to project at a distance, and the possibility for a side-kick for Chameleon woman just to carry a projector was off the table.

So it was back to the drawing board.