The beginnings of the Chameleon Suit


For my Tangible User Interfaces course, there was a final project to be created. This is a group project, so the group is comprised of 3 other students and myself. There were several topics to choose from for the theme of the project from making the sciences come to life, to improving life on campus by solving a problem. The one my group and I chose was one based on the TEI design challenge. The twist for us, more than just making a super hero suit, was to make it useful!

My group and I hit the drawing board fast! We tackled several ideas: super survivor, prepared for anything out in the wild; super professor, always on time with a handy calendar syncer and always aware with “eyes” on the back of their head; and others. After some consideration, we realized that all these other ideas were just design problems (How to put all this existing hardware on someone without weighing them down?) and hit the drawing board again. The idea that surfaced managed to cover 2 of the project themes; the super hero and addressing a problem on campus. It was the Chameleon Suit.

And the journey began…