Chameleon Notifications and other concerns


After the presentation of the Chameleon suit, there were a lot of things the group had not though of: notification prior to the change; where would the morphing happen; would there be an option for a user defined outfit? These concerns were enlightening and a little frightening as it always is when you realize you missed something silly because you were focused on specific details rather than the whole picture.

As a whole, however, the comments were very enthusiastic and reassuring. Many felt that the project would be useful, that it’s calendar sync feature is a great idea, as well as the user override in the case of an unwanted change or outfit.

I found it interesting that most of the suggestions from the class were for refinement of the sensors and for expansion of the outfits available. This meant, to me, that the idea was solid and that the next step was to tackle one of the sleeve or pant conversions.

For that, Taili and I discussed buying the memory wire but Taili said it was very expensive. We shall see…