The Paper Chameleon, That is Not So Chameleon…


For our first prototype, we thought we might try to demonstrate the possibly high risk mechanisms with most notable output. The suit is currently designed in the hopes of converting sleeve length, pant length, collar, and skirts. The most outrageous metamorphosis for this suit are the sleeve, pants, and skirt. The collar could potentially be the most difficult, but it is not a high priority at the moment as the output is pretty unnoticeable.

With large sheets of butcher paper, Taili and I traced my torso and then legs. We then fastened the torso cut-outs into a sort of jacket. The sleeves were cut in half and that’s when we thought of the retracting mechanism. We could pull the ends of the sleeves in to the top of my arms. The trick was to make sure the ends were wide enough for the top of my arms and that they slid into the top sleeve not try to wrap around and rip or get stuck. These are all things we feel we should be wary of for the actual suit as they could happen.

The pants were created in a similar fashion from the cut-outs and then fastened together into pants. The same pulley mechanism and troubles as the sleeves.

The final trick was the belt to skirt conversion. Considering this was a very low-fidelity prototype, we took a paper towel and wrapped it around to the approximate circumference of my hips. We then created a kind of pulley for the skirt only it’s purpose was to hold it up and then drop with weight. This had to be imagined because we had not belt to fasten to be the weight of the belt.

With the suit ready, presentation is on the horizon…