Designing an evocative item…


For the second half of our TUI assignment, each student had to design an object that was “evocative” based on our readings. From the readings and my previous post, evocative items are items that have meaning, potentially beyond their designed purpose. This evocative purpose tends to be conceived or emotional.

For the assignment, I found myself having a very difficult time trying to design something. I’m not sure why, but what I really wanted to design was something kitschy and cute, like you would see on or These items are evocative to me because they remind me of my youth in their design but still serve some purpose, like an ice-cube tray or a “pasta-saurus.”

When I took the kitschy route, what I came up with was something quite menial. Picture a typical Disney princess, with arms stretched out in a circular shape. The princess looks lie she is hugging something. Imagine putting a pencil or pen in the circle of her arms. There it is, a cutesy pen holder. This, ultimately to me, was not at all evocative although it referred to something I hold near and dear to my youth, The Disney Princesses.

So I went back to the drawing board…