TEI 2011: Day 1


The first day of TEI was interesting. It was a workshop day and I participated in the Microsoft Gadgeteer workshop. It is a prototyping kit more polished and snappier then phidgets. The kit comes with easy to code and connect modules. WHat’s even more interesting is that it can be tested on its own. as it is a microcontroller.


Not so pleasant was the session itself, where in there were too many people to a computer and the groups broke off oddly. In my case, there were 4 to 2 computers and the result was one person on one computer and 3 on another attempting to collaborate. The result was one person at the computer at a time with a delegated task while other worked on the frame or the prototype itself.


Although, I would like to say that the prototyping kit is very impressive. It’s easy to identify all the components as each is labeled and many have unique colors. Additionally, the connectors are designed such that you can’t connect it incorrectly and the connections are labeled to ensure proper coding and identification. The kit still needs work in terms of the information available from each component, but over all a much more pleasant prototyping system then phidgets.