TEI 2011: Day 2


Fashion Show day!!!

After months of working on and iterating the Morphess costume it was finally Fashion show day!

The outfit was mostly functional last night. The mechanics of the collar were fragile as the gear that moved the panels weren’t moving the panels very consistently, but otherwise the costume was stable and functional!

So nervous! But so excited!


Post-fashion show!

I’m free! We’re free! We did it! The choreography and the mechanics all worked (except the collar). The drama was successful with the combination of the crazy music, outfit, makeup, and hair made my nutty opera lipsync all the more dramatic. Every one Loved the costume πŸ™‚ Some even thought that the dress actually changed colors!!!

I’ll post a video as soon as I get my hands on it πŸ™‚



We placed with honorable mention in the Presentation & Style category πŸ™‚