First round of feedback


For my first informal usability study, I asked 4 students to make WellesleyLife their homepage for a week. Here is the feedback I’ve received.

User 1:

  • I don’t like the fandango thing on the homepage. When I go online, finding a movie at a movie theater is not on my mind. Especially since, given Wellesley’s transportation, there are only a handful of theaters those without cars can get to.
  • Also don’t like the “+ Google” link that appears on the bottom of the weather app and others. When I click it it takes me to a google page that I don’t think really applies to the website. Or it’s application is unclear at first glance.
  • Evelyn saw this was my homepage and really likes it. She said if you need another tester she’d love to use the page.
  • The Sakai and Facebook links are particularly nice at the top of the page. A google one might be helpful as well, especially with the college changing over to fb in the future.
  • The academics page is SO helpful. The alphabetic organizing with the categories works well.
  • The fun page looks a little un-fun. Very black and white and lots of text…not very fun aesthetically.

User 2:

  • love the links at the top (facebook, gmail, etc.)
  • i like what user 3 said about opening all links in new tabs
  • dragging and dropping the widgets didn’t work for me
  • it would be cool to have an “events” section for off-campus too
  • is it possible to display my personal gmail calendar as a widget on the first page?? that’d be awesome
  • also, maybe have like a sticky note as a widget
  • love the “for life in the bubble” LOL
  • the sakai button disappears when i go to academics
  • maybe have a tab that contains the links that i click on the most (customized to each person)

User 3:

  • Open links in new tabs because no one minds opening a new tab, especially since WellesleyLife is so useful, I want to keep it open throughout my day.
  • Have games maybe, as a widget option.

User 4:

  • The text under “today’s events” is impossible to read, and it’s not at all clear that the list of events changes w/ rollover.  Also, there’s no differentiation between the event at the top (the rolled-over event, with description) and the rest of the events… they’re all written the same way.  I didn’t realize that the one at the top was separate for a couple of days.
  • Does Fandango refuse to let you automatically supply a zip code?  Because it would make sense to always display the framingham showtimes, with an option to re-search if, say, you wanted the AMC on Boston Common or in Harvard Square.
  • On the “Academics” page, the picture for the Sakai link is broken.
  • Still on “Academics”, the links for major/minor form and individual major are duplicated.
  • The “Fun” page is entirely black-and-white, which doesn’t exactly inspire me for fun.
  • You’re missing the housing info & some links don’t work yet

    I am currently working on the bugs mentioned above and implementing some new features. Stay tuned!