The struggle buying a tablet laptop


Post-graudation is typically the time when most people decide to upgrade their tech. I have decided to go with a tablet laptop rather than a powerful desktop for many reasons. Mainly, I have had a great experience with a tablet at my lab and I cannot go back to indirect tablet use.

The laptops I was deciding between were the Dell Latitude XT2, the newer one with the metal finish, and the Lenovo Thinkpad X220 Tablet. Both of them offer a pen and touch experience which is what I crave to have seamlessly one day *tear* Courier *tear*. The main difference between these two, as far as I know are the stylus choice (Wacom vs NTrig). There are some known things in my experience that I took in to consideration, for example the speakers. Lenovo speakers are weak and misplaced, at best; they are right under the palm rests of the laptop which means that typing on your lap or any cushioned surface and watching something or listening to music leaves much to be desired. Whereas, Dell has given me an amazing audio experience with every machine I have bought from them – a desktop, a laptop, and a netbook. Which led me to the main question – How do the pen and touch interactions differ from Dell to Lenovo.

Considering that these are unique machines as they are portable but are meant to provide a smooth experience transitioning from pen, touch, and traditional inputs, one would think it would be easy to find TONS of information about how the experience is, what it looks like, how fast is it, etc. But NO!!!!! After months of research, all I found, really, was a youtube video of what appears to me to be an Apple-nut that thought he wanted a tablet but seemed to prefer a shiny useless toy. Either way, he doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about in his “review” of specs as far as he knows what a “projection cable” is.

All in all, I went with the Lenovo ThinkPad because I have experience with the pen and touch, albeit it has been a little irritating with the SimpleTap button always on the edge and in the way. Will post a proper review once I’m familiar with it.