Unrequited love: The story of a failed struggle for a Galaxy Note


For those of you who don’t know, I live for pen and touch interaction. That is why I side with Microsoft instead of Apple [Courier]. Since the Courier died I have been anxiously waiting for the next big thing to bring this style of interaction to the forefront of tech. I bought a Pocket eDGe hoping for this seamless interaction and was sorely disappointed by the very disconnected interaction between the two screens and the poor touch capabilities. At UIST 2010, I was super excited by the interactions explored in the Pen + Touch = New Tools paper with the Surface app Manual Deskterity.

Manual Deskterity Demo

The point is, the Galaxy Note was basically destined to be my phone because it integrates pen and touch well, in ways that tablets and other smart phones don’t when you just buy a stylus for them. (This is mostly because of S Memo and S Planner, which pair sketches and handwritten notes in ways other phones don’t yet.)

Unfortunately, the Galaxy Note is not carried by Verizon, putting me in that awkward place that loyal iPhone users know so well, where AT&T has what you want and you have no other options. I was ready to switch despite the fact that it would be $20 more per month for fewer features.

Anyway, I decided to sign up for a new contract online because it’s usually easier and cheaper that way.  Plus, I like to read through disclosures, research funky options, make sure I know what I’m getting into. I went through the preliminary steps, filling out my information, credit check approved, then I got to the disclosures. Something sounded scary in the disclosure so I called AmazonWireless support just to clarify. Everything was OK, but when I got back to agree to the disclosures, I was logged out! I had been on the phone for maybe ten minutes.

I’d have to go through all that again. I’d have to agree to another credit check which is sketchy and brings down your credit rating. So, Verizon, here I stay with the Galaxy Nexus S. A great phone, but not my phone. *tear*


2 thoughts on “Unrequited love: The story of a failed struggle for a Galaxy Note

  1. I totally know how you feel. What are we to do? I just can’t bring myself to leave Verizon, even though they deserve it for not having the Samsung Galaxy Note. I have signed all the petitions and emailed them begging, kicking, screaming about it. But just get the same answer, which is no answer. So I finally ‘settled’ with the Samsung Charge because they called me and offerend it for free. Hopefully, they’ll have a heart and get this phone for all of us pining away for it. Hang in there.

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