Reflecting…How I work


This is an reflective exercise using Lifehacker’s How I work interview questions:

Consuelo Valdes is a Research Fellow at the Wellesley College Human-Computer Interaction Lab. She leads a team of students on a variety of projects. These projects include: large multi-touch tabletops, designing and developing the software for the large multi-touch tabletops, and developing software applications for a variety of multi-touch devices (iPhone, Android, Microsoft Surfaces, and Windows 8 tablets).

Name: Consuelo Valdes
Occupation: Research Fellow
Location: Wellesley, MA
Current Emplyer: Wellesley College
Current Computer: Lenovo x220 Tablet running Windows 7 Professional with an i7 and 8GB of RAM
Current mobile devices: Galaxy Nexus, Kindle Fire, HP Touchpad running CyagenMod – ICS
One word that best describes how I work: Juggler

What apps/software/tools can’t you live without?

I spend most of my time in Chrome. I tried Internet Explorer for a while but couldn’t stick with how slow it was and the lack of cross-machine syncing. In Chrome, I usually have Gmail and Google Calendar open for my personal account and my professional account. I like to keep the divides between these, that way if I’m trying to “relax” I can close the work account tab. Other than that, I’ve recently taken to Springpad. I love the notebook interface, the searching, smart tagging, everything. I’ve recently started sharing things to my teams there, as well. I create a notebook per project and have to do lists tagged by people responsible for the items on it, notes, relevant links, etc. It’s pretty great.

What’s your workspace setup like?

I don’t have an official workspace at my lab. Although, when I’m in the lab I’m usually connected to a heart-racingly gorgeous Dell UltraSharp 30″ monitor and I use a Logitech MX Anywhere mouse when I’m not using the tablet stylus or my finger. I usually work at a large table.

What email app do you use?


What’s your favorite time-saving trick?

For a home-life time-saver, I cook food in bulk. I’ll make a meal or two a week and if I get tired of it and have extra time, I’ll freeze it for later on when I might have less time.

For work-life, the biggest time suck for me is scheduling with a large team of students with conflicting schedules, so I have everyone in my team in contact lists so that scheduling per project or sub-teams is as easy as typing two or three letters and use the “find a time” option in Google Calendar to find a slot from their calendars.

What’s your favorite to-do list manager?

I’ve tried everything from paper and pencil, Remeber the Milk, Springpad, Evernote, Any.Do, Google Tasks, and then some… They all failed somehow to me. So, I don’t keep a to-do list anymore. Instead, I track how long I spend on tasks as I do them in Google Calendar. For example, if I spend a significant amount of time on an email, I use the “Create event” option in Gmail or just mark the completion of a task and set the start and end time of the event so that I am aware of how I spend my day and adjust accordingly. It also gives me a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day knowing where the day went as well as making a log of what I’m doing that’s searchable, unlike many to-do lists.

Besides your phone and computer, what gadget can’t you live without?

My phone. When I’m away from my computer it’s an extension of myself: calendar, contacts, places to eat… I think of it as the modern survival kit or Swiss army knife. I absolutely would die without my phone. It’s my everything when I’m not working on my machine. Not to mention, it’s a lifesaver when I’m out and about. I’m vegan and it’s tough to know what’s OK to eat when you’re eating out but there are tons of apps that help give you an idea what’s Vegan-friendly and you can typically find the menu with ingredient lists online.

What do you listen to while you work?

I jump between things. I’m still a huge fan of Pandora because you start it up and you’re set for the day. Lately, though, I’ve been listening to Univision Romance: it’s the Spanish equivalent of an R&B station.

What everyday things are you better at than anyone else?

I don’t think that I’m better at this than anyone else, but I think and have been told I can pick anyone up from their lowest lows. If I suspect someone is down, I do my best to make them laugh or ask them what’s going on. My goal everyday is to make people smile, really. If I haven’t made someone smile today, I’d say it wasn’t a good day.

What else should a reader know about you? ( I modified the question a bit…)

Well, considering this is just an exercise and anyone who stumbles upon this may not know what this is all about, I’d suggest you check out the Lifehacker: How I Work archive. It’s pretty great because it’s a window into the world of how “real” Lifehackers get it done. I like to think of it as hearing a mini-talk by the best in the biz about how they got to where they are and advice for life.