Danger: Tedious eCheckout Design


I opened up an enticing message from ThinkGeek a couple days ago that seduced me over to their site because they were having a clearance sale. I loaded up the site and found myself opening tab after tab of items that I was going to add to my cart.

Once I couldn’t see what my tabs were anymore I started going through the items to add the to my cart. Low and behold… *cue dramatic dum-dum-dum* there was no “add to cart.” A little stricken, I figured I’d just play along and clicked “Buy Now.”

Which led me to my entire cart. So I closed that tab and continued on. But item after item, I was sent back to view my cart. Making what should be a one step process, two or three, depending on how you get back to shopping.

After that, I couldn’t help but notice this serious flaw in their customer workflow. Why would you keep reminding your customer how much money they are spending? It should be a painless one step process: shop to your heart’s content, edit cart once, and checkout. This way you internalize the total once, not after every item.

What’s even more painful, is when I decided to finally checkout, the checkout process seemed to take forever despite my having an account, that should make the process speedier… Point is, I got so frustrated I decided to go without that sweet doormat with welcome in binary. *sigh*

One last thing, it might be a good idea to take down items once they are out of stock, since you don’t show it until you open the product detail page, it’s only adds to frustration.