Running for City Council in Waltham


Hi there, if you’re looking for where I stand on the issues, you can find that at the campaign website:  To send me an email or contact me, visit:

I am running for City Councillor of Ward 9 to help design a better Waltham for all. Designing a better Waltham for the diverse needs of a multi-generational family, like so many Walthamites who have deep roots in the community and the breezers that want to capture the best of Waltham before they breeze to their next destination.

The concentration of commercial and high density housing in Ward 9, results in a unique set of needs for our community. Supporting the increasing population without displacing the existing diversity in the area is of utmost importance given the current housing crisis and the increase in development lately. Moody and Main street are in need of some love and attention as small business owners struggle to launch, open, and succeed in our community. Waltham once had a bustling Main street and the community wants that back.

My goal as city councillor is to identify the needs of our community like those listed above, identify the individuals and groups that can affect that change to build consensus and a plan that we can all buy into so our goals can become a reality.