Any.DO Chrome PlugIn is Amazing



A screen shot of the Any.DO chrome plugin integration in Gmail.

There where you need it. Minimalist design with more information where needed (my mouse was hovering over “Today” which brought up the reminder options). #beautiful.

Now if only Asana and Any.DO were collaborating… #wish #inaperfectworld


It’s a trap!


I am an avid Google products user between my Android phone,  work Gmail,  and personal Gmail. Most of my photo sharing happens through Google+ because of Instant Upload. I even prefer the Google Music experience, for the most part, compared to the alternatives (Spotify, Pandora, etc.). With all that and my dependence on Google Maps, Google knows more about me than my mom!

Which brings me to my account of a mindless bunch of click-throughs to concert tickets via Google. There are some music experiences you can only get on YouTube. One of these experiences is acoustic performances from particular artists like Marina and the Diamonds.

Here is how subtle this is.

Today, I was on an acoustic Marina and the Diamonds kick when I glanced at the page (shown above) and my eyes landed on this link to an upcoming concert (below).

Here is a close up so you can see how clever this is.

Of course, the minute I saw it, I clicked all the way through until I had tickets to the show, essentially 2 clicks to ticket purchasing (not including the personal info stuff). Although useful, there are some things that needs to be considered from this experience…

Is this creepy?

Yes, although I am very happy that I now have tickets to see one of my favorite artists that I likely would have missed otherwise, it is a little creepy how I fell right into their purchasing trap!

Is this a gold mine?

YES!!! So much better than random product ads! This felt more like a nudge into “useful” and “helpful” territory rather than the “here-let-me-shove-this-random-product-in-your-face” ad experience typically used in the web.

Why was this so convincing?

This is the second time I’ve fallen into a mindless state of click-throughs to exactly what the presenter wanted. Both times, the presentation was subtle. It was not an outright ad in its presentation – it was presented like any other informative link. The only other click-through experience I can compare this to is the usual internet or Wikipedia rabbit-hole kind where you see something of interest and you jump on the virtual roller-coaster ride to see where it takes you. This time, Google cleverly took me to concert tickets I hadn’t realized were available and that I actually wanted!

So hats off to you, YouTube ad genius. You’ve created a veritable masterpiece and for that I salute you. Also, thank you for letting me know my favorite band was going to be in town 🙂